Disneyland’s Star Wars-Land Update Contains Zero Star Wars

Sketch of the reconstructed Rivers of America section of Disneyland.  (Courtesy of Disney)

Sketch of the reconstructed Rivers of America section of Disneyland. (Courtesy of Disney)

It’s been a week or so since certain attractions at Disneyland were shut down for the construction of the mouse’s new Star Wars-themed section.  Like many other people, I found myself in long lines for the Disneyland Railroad, Mark Twin Riverboat and other rides to get one last taste of them before they went away, either temporarily or permanently.

Some attractions are going bye-bye to make room for Han Solo, Chewbacca, and friends.  Others, like the two mentioned above, are only temporarily closed while the Star Wars attractions are built.  Thus, a great excitement spread through The Force yesterday when an official Disney Blog published a sketch of what the restored river and railroad section would look like.

The excitement was soon replaced by a shudder in the force, as legions of space nerds learned the image in question was intended for mouse nerds, and contained no Star Wars secrets at all.  Just depictions of the Disneyland Railroad train hopscotching across trestle-linked boulders and the stately old steamboat once again continuing its clockwise tour of America’s rivers.

No doubt, Disney’s imagineers are hard at work translating the Star Wars universe from celluloid to reality.  But so far there haven’t been any leaks of what that means for Disneyland.  And if you’ve seen any schematics of R2D2 trashcans, you can be assured those are fake.




Author: Wayne

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